OneDollarGlasses: New perspectives for 150 million people

EinDollarBrille_MartinAufmuth_05.JPGWith a smile, Salomy from Malawi puts on her new pair of glasses: "I suddenly see everything very clear!" She says. A long time ago, a doctor told her to buy some glasses. Her parents could not afford the equivalent of 30 euros for glasses from the optician. That's why Salomy always wrote off her seat neighbor at school. "I'm so glad that I can now read for myself what's on the board. I would like to study law and therefor I have to get good grades. "

Defective vision has consequences - for a lifetime
OneDollarGlasses creates new perspectives for the future - not just for Salomy, but for people of all ages and in different circumstances. According to a WHO study, around 150 million people in the world suffer from a recoverable defective vision, but they can not afford conventional glasses and usually have no access to opticians. The consequences often last a lifetime: children can not follow lessons, and adults can not do skilled or even no work. The estimated income loss resulting from this is around $ 120 billion a year - roughly the volume of annual global development assistance.

Martin Aufmuth, founder and CEO of OneDollarGlasses e.V., has developed a sophisticated and workable solution to this problem: the OneDollarGlasses! It consists of an extremely lightweight, flexible and stable spring steel frame and is manufactured on a simple bending machine on site. The material costs for glasses amount to around one US dollar; the selling price is two to three local daily wages. So even very poor people can afford the glasses. The proceeds from the sale of the glasses are used to pay salaries in the country and to buy additional material for new spectacles - a sustainable business model based on long-term financial independence.

Objective: basic optic care in developing countries
In addition, in the project countries, local specialists are trained in the production and distribution of OneDollarGlasses as well as in simple refraction and new jobs are created. Thus, OneDollarGlasses creates a variety of new future perspectives for needy people of all ages! At present, the organization OneDollarGlasses e.V. is active in Africa (Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Malawi) and Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico), with more countries to follow. The goal: a global supply of high-quality yet affordable, robust and individually customized eyewear - and a financially independent basic optic care of the population in developing countries.

"The organization OneDollarGlasses is committed to sustainably improving the living conditions of people in developing countries, while at the same time focusing on health, education and economic development," explains Aufmuth. "Especially with ill-sighted children who still go to school and whose parents can not afford normal glasses, OneDollarGlasses can decisively improve future prospects."

At the same time, the organization wants to contribute to combating the causes of flight such as economic hopelessness: "In order to achieve this, we have not only developed a training concept for the manufacture and sale of our OneDollarGlasses and OneDollarGlasses-Opticians, but are increasingly employing more and more people in the project countries - the often feed a whole family. We want to continue this commitment on a broader basis in the coming years; For this we look forward to more active colleagues, partners and supporters. "

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