Professional refurbishing

In order for us to be able to offer you our refurbished brand glasses in perfect condition, each of our used glasses is processed individually and with the utmost care by our specialist staff. For this purpose, each pair of glasses goes through our multi-stage refurbishing process.

As clean as new

Right at the beginning of every refurbishment, every spectacle frame receives an extensive bathing experience in an ultrasonic bath, if the material allows it. This removes the coarsest dirt. Afterwards, each frame is manually cleaned mechanically so that all dirt and residues are removed from the glasses. The nose pads, if present, are also removed. Once the glasses have been deep-cleaned, the lenses are removed from the frame. These count as medical devices and may not be sold second-hand, nor does it make sense to sell them, as the new owner would have to have exactly the same defective vision. Exceptions are half rim and rimless glasses, the lenses are needed for the shaping of the new glasses, so they remain in the glasses as demo lenses. Finally, the glasses are disinfected to be ready for the next step.

Back to its former glory

Once the glasses have been completely cleaned, the actual refurbishing of the glasses begins. With the help of various polishing techniques, small damages and scratches are polished out of the surfaces. After polishing, the frame can now be thoroughly checked for material defects. If defects in the material become visible here, the journey of the glasses unfortunately ends at this point. Small paint defects can now also be repaired. When all surfaces are in very good condition again, all used parts such as nose pads or silicone temple ends are replaced. Visually, the glasses are now in almost mint condition again.

Optics is not everything

Of course, the glasses must not only look good afterwards, they should also be in perfect technical condition. For this reason, all moving parts of the spectacles are tested after reprocessing. This includes the hinges, closing blocks and any other screws that may be present.


What happens to broken glasses?

Glasses that are damaged in the course of refurbishment or on which damage is discovered are collected by us and passed on to "Brillen ohne Grenzen" (Glasses without Borders). Here, even defective glasses can still be recycled and the proceeds benefit social projects.

Smile please

Now that the glasses have been restored to their former glory, each pair of glasses receives its own personal photo shoot. All product images used are photographed by ourselves in our in-house photo studio and then prepared for uploading to our online shop. After the strenuous refurbishing process, our glasses are now allowed to rest in their own little box, where they wait to be ordered.

Trust is good, control is better!

For this reason, after you have placed your order, we will check your new glasses again for function and for any small impurities that may have occurred during storage. After a final cleaning, your new used brand glasses are on their way to you.


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