Who is Landario?

Landario, that's us, the founders Dominik Maier and Pascal Stropek. We founded Landario in 2016 and are a startup from Aalen in Germany. We specialized in the professional trade with preused branded glasses. Together we have many years of experience in ophthalmology through study and work experience.

What is Landario doing?

As already mentioned, we have specialized in trading preused branded glasses from well known brands like Ray-Ban, WooDone, Rolf, Lindberg or Armani out of all common materials like plastic and metal as well as higher quality ones like wood, titanium, paper or carbon. We buy the versions of private customers, work them up and then offer them in our Onlineshop . During work-up, the frames are thoroughly cleaned, polished, repaired and disinfected so that we can offer frames in a nearly mint condition.

And what is this all about?

The average time of use for glasses is three years. Therefore, many preused glasses are still trendy after thier use and without any damage. Why then have the glasses dusted in the cupboard or thrown away? Landario not only conserves resources, because no new glasses have to be produced, we also help to avoid garbage. We want to create a way for the sustainable and resource-efficient handling with preused glasses.

But I wanted to donate my glasses?

Don't worry, we support the OneDollarGlasses Germany e.V.. Through this, the basic optic care in developing countries is sustainably supported. Using simple technology, glasses can be produced on site. These glasses enables thousands of people a normal everyday life. In our opinion, that makes more sense than transporting used eyewear through half of the world.

And the lenses for the glasses?

In order to provide our customers with the best quality of vision, we would have to visit each customer personally to measure the necessary parameters, this is especially true for progressive lenses. Through our experience, we believe that optimal lens consultation can not be carried out online. For optimal vision, we recommend our customers to buy progressive lenses and at one of our partner opticians or the optician of choice to. For simple prescription glasses and sunglasses, however, we offer our Landario single vision and sun protection lenses in top quality.

Since all questions should be answered, here is our shop: