Preused branded glasses from sustainable action

Every day 36,000 new glasses

Our vision is the sustainable use of glasses. This includes, above all, dealing with preused glasses. In Germany, around 40 million people wear glasses, which is two thirds of the population. The average age of glasses is three years before a new one is bought. As a result, more than 36,000 new glasses are sold in Germany every day and as many disappear every day in cabinets or garbage cans. This corresponds to approx. 1.2 tons of used glasses , only in Germany! Sunglasses and fashion glasses without eyesight are not included here. Most used branded glasses are in very good condition after the time of use, so that they can decorate a new face after a work-up.

Help through knowledge

Many of the preused glasses are in a top condition and do not necessarily have to be donated. We at Landario believe that true to the motto: "Give a man a fish and he has a day to eat, teach him fishing and he never starves again" the help on the ground makes more sense than ship preused glasses ready glazed to needy areas. For this reason, we support OneDollarGlasses e.V. with one Euro per sold preused brand glasses . OneDollarGlassess train locals in the most basic skills of optics in needy areas. It teaches the basics of refraction, the determination of ametropia, and how a spectacle frame can be made by means of a simple wire bending machine. Thus, on-site out of the simplest means, glasses can be made and adapted and thus the ophtalmic basic service is sustainably ensured . 

We write sustainability big

Not only do we want to support sustainable projects, but we at Landario also make sure that all internal processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable. This already begins with the fact that we use, as far as possible, products from sustainable productions for the cleaning, processing and polishing of preused glasses. Furthermore, we always strive to optimize our processes so that we can do without paper. Lastly, we ship our reconditioned, preused glasses in shipping boxes made of recycled material with recycled upholstery.

Every package counts

Not only in our refurbishment process and cleaning process, we pay attention to environmental protection, but also in our shipping. We only ship our packages with DHL GoGreen . The DHL GoGreen shipping is the climate-friendly, CO2-neutral shipping of the Deutsche Post DHL Group. Support for climate protection projects compensates the greenhouse gases emitted by the transport. GoGreen also supports the StreetScooter project. Since mid-2016 DHL has been switching parcel delivery in various cities to electric vehicles. In total, more than 2,500 of these electric vehicles are already in use nationwide, saving around <7,500 tonnes of CO2 per year . Order your preused glasses at Landario, not only your new glasses are sustainable, also the way on which it comes to you protects the environment.

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