Branded glasses from sustainable trade

Approximately 36,000 new pairs of glasses are sold every day, only in Germany!

Our vision is the sustainable handling of spectacle frames. This includes, above all, the trade of spectacles from business closures. In Germany, about 40 million people wear glasses, which is almost two thirds of the population. The average age of a pair of glasses is three years before a new pair is bought. This means that more than 36,000 new pairs of glasses are sold in Germany every day and just as many disappear in cupboards or dustbins every day. This corresponds to about 1.2 tons of used glasses every day, in Germany alone! Sunglasses and fashion glasses without prescription are not even included here. Most used brand-name glasses are still in very good condition after the time they have been worn, so that after refurbishment they can adorn a new face without hesitation.


We write SUSTAINABILITY in capital letters

Not only the selling of brand glasses, which would be potentially recycled and the resulting savings in resources are important to us, but at Landario we also make sure that all internal processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable. This starts with the fact that we use products from sustainable production for all internal steps wherever possible. Furthermore, we are always striving to optimise our processes so that we can do without paper. Lastly, we ship our brand glasses in shipping boxes made of recycled material with recycled padding.

Social sustainability is also close to our hearts

Many of the used spectacle frames are in top condition and do not necessarily have to be donated. We at Landario are of the opinion that, true to the motto: "Give a man a fish and he has a day to eat, teach him to fish and he never goes hungry again", helping locally makes more sense than sending used glasses ready-glazed to areas in need. For this reason, we support various social projects such as Brillen ohne Grenzen, EinDollarBrille Deutschland e.V., or the Entwicklungsdienst deutscher Augenoptiker (Development Service of German Opticians). This supports social projects at home and abroad. Our project partners all pursue different approaches, so that our help reaches exactly where it is needed. This helps to establish sustainable basic optical care in developing countries, be it through short-term help with simple glasses or through the establishment and training of specialist staff and workshops.

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Every parcel counts - thanks to DHL GoGreen

Not only do we pay attention to protecting the environment in our internal processes, but also in our shipping. We send our parcels exclusively with DHL GoGreen. DHL GoGreen shipping is the climate-friendly, CO2-neutral shipping service of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The greenhouse gases emitted during transport are offset by supporting climate protection projects. GoGreen also supports the StreetScooter project, among others. Since mid-2016, DHL has been converting parcel deliveries in various cities to electric vehicles. A total of over 2,500 of these electric vehicles are already in use across Germany, saving around 7,500 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Order your brand glasses from Landario, because not only are your new glasses sustainable, but also the way in which the frames are delivered to you protects the environment.

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