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To generate unique product suggestions, please simply upload your portrait picture or take a selfie!

In order to get recommendations that truely match your original facial design it is very important to stick to the following instructions:

  • Take a selfie in good,natural light, avoiding direct sun!
  • Don't use make-up and take your glasses off!
  • Your head shall fill the picture.
  • Don't use filters, as this distorts your original complexion.

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How does this magic work? Your selfie gets analyzied by the KI of Stylerisers StyleIQ. Depending on your skin tones we suggest you best matching color frames. (Learn more)
Don't worry, nobody sees your picture. The hole process is done by KI and after the analyzing your picture is deleted. Your privacy is completle save while using StyleIQ at Landario.

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All glasses are refurbished and checked by our opticians.

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