Landario is introducing a new virtual style advice tool, StyleIQ

Finding the right glasses has never been easier!

It can be challenging to find the frames that really suit us. Glasses ideally match our facial complexion and skillfully enhance individual features. Here are some important insights to help with your selection. Additionally, we explain how our new virtual advisor can help you find your new glasses more easily.

Glasses should underline your personality

Nothing expresses our individuality more than our face. Next to our clothing and hairstyle , glasses are especially important to reflect our personality. By choosing glasses, we have to decide whether we want to go for something slightly extravagant or rather a model that blends perfectly with our natural facial design.

Why is the choice of glasses so crucial?

The perfect choice of glasses emphasizes the advantages (assets) of our face, while the unfavorable choice of color or shape is perceived as inconsistent and can have adverse effects on our interactions.

Cool or warm tones, or a mix?

For an ideal choice of frame colors, it is most important to understand whether your facial complexion is rather dominated by ‘cool’ colors or ‘warm’ ones. Some people also have a mix of cool and warm such as cool skin and hair color combined with warm eyes, eyebrows, or freckles.

This is how the StyleIQ virtual style advisor works

StyleIQ evaluates the exact color information from crucial facial features such as skin color, eye color, hair, and eyebrow color via AI to distinguish between 16 different complexion types. At this point, the tool has defined the set of ideal accessory colors to complement the particular face and finds the matching glasses from Landario’s assortment. This way Landario’s best matches for you get displayed on your device along with a short text elaborating why those models are particularly suited for your individual design.

Find out about your individual complexion and see Landario’s suggestions!

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