Are you unsure what size glasses you need? We'll be happy to help you and show you how to find the right size. 

First of all, you need to see what size your current glasses are. If you don't wear glasses yet, you can also use, for example, your sunglasses to determine your size.

Reading from your glasses

As a rule, the size of each pair of glasses can be found on the glasses themselves. There is a standard notation for spectacle size, the box measurement. 

bb □ ss lll

Here, bb stands for the width of the lenses, ss for the bridge width and lll for the temple length. Depending on the manufacturer, you will find this information in different places on your glasses. We have listed the three most common places below.

On the inside of the temple


At the nose pad


Here you will often only find the lens width and the bridge width, the temple length can usually be found on the inside of the temple.

At the bridge


Here, often only the lens width and the bridge width are given, the temple length can usually be found on the inside of the temple.

Measuring your glasses

Depending on the age of the glasses, it may be that the information is no longer recognisable, but in this case you can simply measure the glasses yourself. The following three pictures show what you need to measure:

Glass width


The lens width is the widest part of the lens.

Frame width


We measure the frame width from the outside hinge to the outside hinge

Temple length


The best way to measure the length of the temple, from the hinge to the back, is with a flexible ruler or thread.

For all our glasses, you will find all the necessary sizes in the product description. You will find the lens size and the frame width in the short description, all other sizes in the product description.

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