Description: Barton Perreira Strider THO

This frame is in a new condition. This frame is shipped with the original demo lenses.

Founded in 2006 by Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, the Barton Perreira brand combines Bill Barton's technical knowledge with Patty Perreira's innovative designs. Both have worked successfully for Oliver Peoples for many years. The result of this duo is unique, under the Barton Perreira brand, traditionally handcrafted glasses are made from high-end materials paired with the latest technology in a classic and fashionably modern design. Like the Barton Perreira Strider THO, Barton Perreira stands for luxurious looks and high-quality workmanship. The glasses by Barton Perreira, which are handmade in Japan, are among the market leaders in the field of luxury glasses and are recommended for every glasses wearer who attaches great importance to the quality of design, material and technology.

Cateye glasses can be worn by almost any face shape. Only round face shapes should avoid the cateye style. The shape of these Barton Perreira Strider THO makes the facial features softer and more feminine. Cateye glasses from Barton Perreira bring back the style of the 60s. The Cateye, or Butterfly style, adds the finishing touch to your style.

These full rim Barton Perreira glasses are a fashionable accessory. Like all full-rim glasses, they protect the lenses optimally because they are fully enclosed. The full rim gives you plenty of scope for different designs and colour variations. These options also make Barton Perreira full rim glasses much more eye-catching. Barton Perreira full rim glasses are not only a visual aid, but also a fashion accessory.

Prescription glasses from Barton Perreira not only help to correct defective vision, but are also a modern fashion accessory.

  • Lens width (b): 47 mm
  • Bridge (s): 20 mm
  • Temple length (l):  140 mm
  • Lens height (h): 40 mm
  • Frame width (f): 124 mm



You can easily order several pairs of glasses from us and try them on at home. Within Germany, the return of glasses that don`t fit is free of charge. Since all packages are shipped climate neutrally, you don`t need to have a guilty conscience.

Product Details

Barton Perreira
Cat Eye
Frame width
XS [up to 124mm]
Lens height
40 mm
Lens width
47 mm
bridge width
20 mm
temple length
140 mm
frame width [mm]
124 mm
Product Specialities

Our lenses

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Lenses Budget

69€ / Pair

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Index 1.5


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Colors and tints optional

Index 1.5 or 1.6


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from 198€ / Pair

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Colors, tints, Transitions™ or blue filter optional

Index 1.5, 1.6, 1.67 or 1.74


Lenses Personalized

from 448€ / Pair

incl. Hard-, Clean- & Hyper-AR-coating and PC filter

Colors, tints, Transitions™ or blue filter optional

Index 1.5, 1.6, 1.67 or 1.74


Lenses are personalized goods and cannot be returned. If you are unsure whether a pair of glasses fits you, we recommend that you order them in advance without lenses. The return shipment for the grinding of your lenses will then be free of charge within Germany with our return label.

All our eyeglass frames (except the brands Base, Masca and DiFerro) are used items. With used items, traces of use may be visible. Traces of use do not represent defects. You can order your lenses in your strength either from us, our partners or from the optician of your choice and have them fitted. There may be a charge for this service.

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